The simplest story telling and book making app for kids in the classroom!

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Simple & powerful drawing tools

One of the simplest interfaces for book making and story telling on the App Store. It's great for children from 5-12 years old.

Multiple Authors and Syncing

Great for classroom use! Separate each child's stories into their own libraries, and sync them automatically your own Dropbox™ account.

Versatile Sharing

Share stories to the web, Facebook, Twitter, ePub, and movie format. It has never been easier to export and share your audio enabled book, and now on YouTube as a video, too!

Other Features

Multiple Authors

Perfect for classroom or multi-child home use, multiple authors allows for each child to have their own bookshelf of stories.

Simple and Fun Interface

We've spent a lot of time thinking through our interface for use with kids. We've taken out superfluous features, and focused on a child's creativity.

Fantastic Storytelling Tools

We have provided just enough creativity tools like: 3 flexible brushes, a wide array of carefully selected colors, sticker packs, and audio recording to help in the storytelling process.

Powerful Sharing

Our sharing features are some of the most powerful on the App Store! Teachers and parents alike love the private web sharing, ePub generation, Facebook/Twitter, iBooks exporting, and more.

Easily Manage Pages

We've made it easy to manage your book right on your storytelling canvas. Simply drag and rearrange pages, delete and rename them, and it will automatically reflect in the final book.

Sync Your Authors and Stories

We've integrated the powerful Dropbox™ API into My Story, so you can manage your students and sync their stories automatically across multiple iPads and iPhones.


  • I have been using My Story with my students for almost two years now and we love it!!! It is so much fun and easy to use and parents love it as well!!!!


  • In the past we used to bring books for our kids to look through while in church or at the Dr. Office. With My Story we leave the books at home and our kids love making their own books. Awesome App.


  • Very easy to use. I like how you can record the text. The developer is very responsive. I sent an email asking for larger text and received an immediate response. Kids love to see their work alongside publisher's texts in iBooks. Definitely recommended!

    Reading Buddies

  • My how far this app has come since the initial version! The developers are extremely courteous, listen to user feedback and continue to make improvements. I have used this app with students from 3 years of age up to 3rd grade with tremendous success.

    The newly designed user interface is intuitive and kid-friendly. Most children can begin using the My Story app with very little instruction or adult modeling. Students can draw, take pictures, add text, even narrate their own story! The highlight of the new UI is My Story's multi-author support, which makes it a great app for the 1 iPad classroom. Each author can create his or her own collection of stories to share! Ebooks can be exported to iBooks or shared on the web. This makes it great for sharing with parents & grandparents who may not have their own iOS device!

    With a multitude of design features, My Story is a must have app for the preschool and early elementary classroom. The ease of export to iBooks, ePub and web, teachers modeling the writing process will soon see how My Story allows students to publish to a global audience. Writing in the early grades has never been more relevant or authentic!

    Jeremy Brueck - Director of the Digital Text Initiative

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